Children’s Eyecare

Childrens Eyecare

Children are always welcome at Brignall Opticians; we know that good eyesight is crucial to their school and social development. Many eye conditions will not be apparent to children or their parents so it is very important that they have their eyes examined when they are between four and five years or sooner if the parent has concerns. Thereafter we would recommend regular checks while they are in full time education. The good news is that children are entitled to a free NHS-funded sight test and an Optical Voucher if it is required.


A family history of eye complaint can mean children are more at risk of developing squint or a lazy eye. Signs to look out for are difficulty concentrating, behavioural problems, headaches, sitting too close to the television, rubbing their eyes a lot and print “moving on a page”(Read more about Visual Stress).


There is evidence that getting outdoors with regular play and exercise can help the eyes stay healthy. A good diet and keeping hydrated also are important factors in eye health.