Novelty Contact Lenses

Novelty Contact Lenses


Halloween is an exciting time here in Wiltshire with spooky decorations across the many shops and the occasional witch or skeleton wandering down the high street. With fancy dress costumes becoming more and more realistic, we can see the appeal to make your outfit look complete.

However, there are big risks involved in making the eyes look the part with the illegal sales of cosmetic contact lenses (also known as “zero-powered” lenses). Whilst making your eyes look like you’re a demon of the underworld or a that you have returned from the undead as a zombie seems like harmless fun, if the lenses haven’t been fitted correctly or the advice on lens wear not correctly followed, then problems may occur. These problems can in turn result in loss of vision and, in some rare cases, result in the loss of the eye.

Jason Searle, our new optometrist, advises patients that these novelty contact lenses can present serious risk to the wearer, especially if the lenses have been distributed without being properly fitted by an optometrist or contact lens optician. Qualified eye care professionals not only check the suitability of the lens for the eye, but also provide wearers with advice on safe use as well as ongoing clinical care.

The law states that contact lenses can only be sold where a registered optometrist, contact lens optician or medical practitioner is on the premises to supervise the sale of the lenses. However, many places such as beauticians, hairdressers, novelty shops, piercing parlours and market stalls are illegally distributing these lenses to the public. Thankfully trading standards officers are aware of these illegal sales and instructing these outlets to remove them from sale.

Jason strongly urges patients only to buy contact lenses from legal sources and only when correctly fitted by a qualified professional. If you are concerned by the correct use of contact lenses or have any other questions regarding eye health, call 01249 653292 to book an appointment to see one of our optometrists.