Looking After Your Eyes

Looking After Your Eyes


Top Tips For Looking After Your Eyes

We only get one pair of eyes and they work extremely hard for you during your life. With sight loss

being the one sense that many fear about losing, it is vital that you look after your eyes in every way

possible. Jason Searle, our new optometrist, looks at some of the ways you can do this.


Regular Eye Examinations

Having an eye test isn’t merely just to see if you need glasses, but now considered as an important

health examination that looks at both the health of your eye, as well as your general health. It is

recommended that you have your eyes tested at least once every 2 years, although in some cases,

more regular check-ups are advised. You may even be entitled to an NHS funded test, so call our

Chippenham Opticians on 01249 653292 to find out more.


Not Smoking

Smoking has been proven to cause sight loss in multiple ways. Smoking greatly accelerates the

progression of cataracts and puts your retina under great strain, leading to an increased risk of

macular degeneration (a severe form of sight loss). You are also much more likely to have a contact

lens problem if you smoke, which again may lead to a painful and sight threatening condition.


Sun Protection

The sun is a big source of ultraviolet (UV) light. We all think of sun cream to protect our skin but

how do you protect your eyes? (We really DON’T advise using sun cream in your eyes!!). UV

causes changes to the conjunctiva, the cornea and the crystalline lens, leading to raised yellow

regions around the white of the eye and also speeding up the development of cataracts. UV can also

lead to skin cancers, so we advise use of suncream on the face and around the eyelids (just don’t get

it in your eyes!)

Jason, and the other optometrists here at Brignall Opticians in Chippenham, recommend the use of

UV protective sunglasses, that block at least 99% of UVA and UVB radiation. If you use contact

lenses, discuss with our optometrists ones that have a UV block to them.


Eat Right

The right diet is key when looking after your eye health. A diet that is rich in fruit, vegetables and

protein can really make a difference in regulating your eye health. A diet rich in dark green leafy

vegetables (such as kale and spinach) helps keep the retina healthy, with flaxseed oil and omega

essential fatty-acids helping regulate a healthy tear film, reducing the feeling of a dry eye.


Safety First

Make sure to consider your eye health when doing DIY or any other hazardous tasks. Safety lenses

and frames can make a difference to being able to see your finished creation and a trip to Accident

& Emergency. Additionally, if you play a projectile sport, such as squash, really consider safety

goggles. The damage that a squash ball can do to your eye is not pleasant to think about. Get some

goggles and protect those eyes!

The above list is just a selection of general tips on how to look after your eyes. If you wish to find

out more, book an appointment with Jason, Ewen, Keith or Claire in our Chippenham Opticians on

01249 653292 today.