Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries


In relation to the rest of your body, your eyes are small. They come with an extensive set of protective features, including the thick bony areas of your skull (the orbit), eyebrows, eyelashes and the ever-protective eyelids that will want to close at the slightest inkling something may be heading towards your eyes. With all this going on, many people think that the risk of anything beating the eyes natural defences are slim. But eye injuries do happen regularly and from a range of sources too – with sometimes even the slightest injury causing irreversible damage that may lead to sight loss.

Imagine being able to see perfectly well, but tomorrow you have an accident that leaves you partially sighted that now means you struggle to lead a normal life or even stop you from driving. Imagine still that the injury could have been avoided by wearing safety glasses or just observing other eye-safety tips.

Eye hazards are everywhere and most associate them with work. Such eye hazards at work may include airborne dust/wood/metal particles caught in a draught, chemical splashes, radiation (heat or ultraviolet sources) or even just from a use of your tools (pen/pencil or screwdriver in the eye – ouch!) Your employers should be aware of what hazards exist and can provide you with eye protection where required, but be sure to report any potential hazards you see. It is also your responsibility to wear them if instructed to do so!

They aren’t limited to the working environment either, there are thousands of eye hazards at home. Such hazards include mascara brushes and eyelash curlers (sharp/pointy objects that go close to the eye should be an obvious threat!), do-it-yourself accidents, prodding your eye with a fingernail (when rubbing the eye or handling your contact lenses) and even through accidents involving homebased cleaners and washing detergents. There have even been cases of eye injuries from children’s games and toys, as well as the odd wayward champagne cork.  Just exercising good care by being careful with make-up, not pointing objects towards the eyes and keeping short fingernails if you have contact lenses will help keep your eyes safer at home.

Sports also cause a real threat to your eyes. A fast travelling squash ball or tennis ball can compress the eye and damage the bones surrounding. A paintball or BB pellet to the eye also doesn’t bare thinking about. If you are in a sport that uses any form of flying object or projectile, a pair of safety goggles or protective ask may be useful to wear. We take pride in being able to provide sports goggles and glasses here at Brignall Opticians and welcome any sportsperson or team to come in and discuss your personal requirements.

Any eye injury is worth a trip to one of our optometrists or, if we are unavailable or closed, an ophthalmologist to examine. If anything enters the eye, be it chemical or object, you may benefit rinsing the eye with saline before making your way to the appointment. If in doubt, treat all eye injuries as a potential medical emergency and seek advice. We will do all we can at Brignall Opticians to check the eye, but we may need to send you on to a hospital eye unit if it is a serious injury. However, exercising care around potential eye hazards, as well as wearing adequate eye protection will minimise your need for these appointments and will keep those precious eyes safe for another day!

If you are concerned about your eye-safety needs, call 01249 653292 to book an appointment and discuss your specific requirements today.