Good eyesight is based on healthy eyes and we all rely on good eyesight to maintain our busy lifestyles. Using the computer, driving, watching television, just navigating to the shops is all just part of our everyday lives and all depend on good efficient use of our eyes. It is important that we look after our eyes by having a regular eye examination.

We will spend some time at the beginning of the eye examination discussing any visual problems you may have and what your visual needs are. We will discuss your ocular history and general health and need to know about any medications you are taking. It is also useful to know your occupation, whether you play any sport or have any hobbies and whether or not you drive.

You will then have a thorough eye examination to check the health of your eyes. We examine your eyes externally and internally and depending on the individual patient can measure the internal pressure of your eyes and examine the visual fields. We are also able to perform binocular visual field testing for the DVLA.

You can elect to have digital imaging as part of your eye examination. This will include a photograph and a three dimensional cross sectional scan of your retina on our Topcon OCT which is a state of the art instrument.  This gives us valuable information which enables us to instantly diagnose various eye conditions and also gives an ongoing record of the condition of your eyes to indicate subtle change over time.

Your spectacle prescription will then be determined and a thorough check of the ocular muscles to ensure that the eyes are working properly together. We will then have a detailed knowledge of the health of your eyes and your visual correction which we will discuss with you. We will advise you on the most appropriate lenses for your needs and help you select suitable frames.

At the end of the examination you will be advised of the appropriate time for your next appointment and will be given your spectacle prescription, or a statement to confirm that no prescription is necessary.

Do I have to pay for my eye examination?